• The School's Activities for each Term is given to every student/parent. It includes the tentative dates for Tests/Examinations, Sports Fixtures, Cultural Events, Parent-Teacher Meetings, Declaration of Results and Holidays.
  • The Syllabi and Formats of the Tests/Examinations for each Term are printed and given to the students of the Primary Section. The same is written down on the classroom black boards for Stds. V onwards and copied down by the students.
  • The School provides a wide variety of co-curricular activities for children of all age groups ranging from singing with musical accompaniment, (In English, Marathi and Hindi), to Computer Programming.
    The School has two bands.
    1) A Pipes & Drums Band for Primary School students.
    2) A Brass Band for Middle and Senior students.
    Drawing and Rangoli Competitions as well as Inter-Class G.K. Contests are organized for each term. Roller Skating and Gymnastics are also conducted for interested students.
  • Activity Clubs are held every Wednesday evening from 4:25 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for the senior students. The language clubs (English, Marathi and Hindi) prepare students for elocution, debating, group discussions, dramatics etc. The Mathematics and Science Clubs undertake unique projects and new experiments. Girls have exclusive clubs for Home Science and Dance.
  • The School has qualified and experienced staff to coach students for Athletics, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball and Hockey. Games are specifically selected so that both boys and girls can actively participate in them. The School provides the facilities for Indoor Games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc., Parents Must understand that the Character and Personality Development of the Child is shaped and perfected NOT by studies alone, but through sports, games and co-curricular activities. Encourage your child to actively participate in Evening Games and as many Co-curricular Activities as possible. You will have no regrets for having done so.
  • The School also encourages the students to participate and compete in Inter-School Sports Fixtures, Cultural Activities and Competitive Examinations organized by the Government and other well known organizations. This leads to confidence and further self improvement in the individual as well as the team. Twenty Five Bonus marks are added to the total marks in the SSCE Mark Sheet of the student who is selected for a State Level Sports Event.

  • The School is the cradle for future citizens and the basic training in democracy starts here. The Prefect System is the most effective training in leadership for senior students. It trains students to be responsible, active and vigilant. It prepares them to be active participants for a better society. It encourages them to look after the interests of the Junior students. This system which has been in existence for over a 100 years, has stood the Test of Time.
  • The School has three Houses 1) Shivneri House 2) Raigad House and 3) Purandhar House. All students from Stds. V to X are members of one of the above "Houses". Inter-House Competitions are conducted for all School Activities. The School has a glorious tradition of conducting Inter-House Cultural Activities during the Ganesh Festival. During that festival, separate Cultural Programmes are also organized for K.G. and Primary Students.
  • House Captains and Vice-Captains are Prefects from Stds. IX and X and represent both boys and girls. The School Captains and the School Vice-Captains are directly elected by the senior students and the staff.
  • A Students Forum for the senior students is conducted regularly twice a week by the Principal. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the Forum by asking questions and giving suggestions that have a direct bearing on their welfare and the problems of the School.
  • Civic Consciousness is created in the minds of the students by making them keep the school campus clean, protecting school property and the various amenities provided for their welfare.

  • Supervised evening games by qualified and experienced staff are conducted for Stds IV to VIII from 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. and for Stds. IX and X from 5:30 to 6:15 p.m. on all school working days except Wednesdays.
  • Evening Games remove the stiffness from the muscles which is caused by sitting in a dual desk for more than five hours. They also refresh the minds of the students and provide the best antidote for mental fatigue. After evening games students leave the school relaxed and refreshed.
  • Apart from keeping the student physically fit, evening games shape their character, personality and leadership skills. The 'Team Spirit' which is essential for success in every enterprise in today's world is learnt and perfected on the games fields.
  • In the words of the Duke of Wellington of England who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo in Belgium in 1825: "The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton".

  • Attendance for School functions to celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day and all other special occasions is compulsory. Parents will be briefed about such functions through special circulars.
  • Absence from such occasions can be condoned if the Child was ill and the School Doctor certifies that the Child was ill and unable to attend school. Unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances responsible for the Child's absence can also be condoned if the Principal is satisfied with the written explanation of the Parent.

  • A Class Picnic is an essential School Activity. The 'We feeling' which Class Picnics generate, goes a long way in creating a bond of trust and co-operation between the students and their Class Teacher. Class Picnics demonstrate the essential role of the Class Teacher as a friend and guide of the Students. Educational visits are also undertaken to IUCAA, the NDA, Deccan College, N.C.L. etc.

  • Special Coaching Classes are conducted for weak students for Std. IX and X before and after school hours, for a very nominal fee.
  • Special classes are also conducted free of cost for Std. X students during the Diwali and Winter vacations. The Std X teachers also coach weak students free of cost on the instructions of the Principal.
  • Parents must co-operate with the school authorities and ensure that their children are both punctual and regular for these classes. Students who are late or fail to attend the special classes in the morning just before school, are not permitted to attend regular school, unless they have a valid reason for their late coming or absence.
  • Parents cannot abdicate their responsibility towards the Child and expect the school to perform their duties. Parents must take a interest in the Child's progress. The school recognizes only the parents as the natural guardians of the child. Relatives or anyone else claiming guardianship of the child must furnish proof of the same through a Court Order. Parents who do not attend P.T.A. meetings or collect the Result Sheets etc. of the child may be asked to withdraw their child from the school.

  • The Management reserves the right to amend the RULES PRINTED IN THIS PROSPECTUS DUE TO UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCES without any prior notice to the parents.