A. EXAMPLE BY PARENTS: Parents are requested to set a good example to the students by not smoking, spitting or chewing tobacco/'paan' in the School Premises. Parents are not to spit or throw litter within the School Campus. Before washing lunch boxes, parents are requested to throw left over food in the garbage bins.

DO NOT THROW LEFT OVER FOOD IN THE DRINKING WATER TROUGH, it chokes the outlet. The end sufferer is your child. With the active involvement of the Parent Teacher Association Special Lunch Sheds with tables, benches and drinking water points have been constructed for the benefit of the students.


i) Parking is to be done at the Parking area outside the rear entrance of the School.

ii) In the interest of the safety of the Children the Traffic Committee of Baramati consisting of the R.T.O. DYSP. Deputy Collector, CEO of Baramati Municipality & President of Baramati Municipality have enforced traffic restrictions near the school.


"Punctuality is the Politeness of Kings." King Louis XVIII of France. In today's world those who are not punctual will be 'LOSERS IN LIFE.' The School insists on the students being disciplined, punctual and regular so that they will become 'WINNERS IN LIFE' and will always be grateful to the School for this informal training that they have received.

School starts at 9.25 a.m. Please see that your child reaches School at 9.15 a.m. Coming late for school causes unnecessary inconvenience and disturbance. It is also a fact that children who do not progress well in school are those who are not punctual or irregular in attendance.


In the case of illness or unexpected circumstances, a letter requesting the Principal to excuse the Child for unavoidable absence must be sent to the School Office. In the case of illness a Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner must be attached to the letter. A Fitness Certificate is required when the illness continues over a week.

A request in advance for Leave of Absence is to be sanctioned by the Principal, if the child is unable to attend school for more than a week for personal or domestic reasons.

ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE for Tests or Examinations is treated as having FAILED in that Test/Examination and results in the child getting a ZERO for the same. Please Note that Tests/Examinations cannot be preponed or postponed for individual students.

Extra Classes before/after school or on Sundays/Holidays are compulsory. Special Permission of the Principal is required to excuse students from such classes. Students who remain absent from such classes without permission cannot attend the regular classes without a written explanation from the parent or guardian which is to be delivered to the Principal in person.


Parents of K.G. and Primary Children who do not personally accompany their children to School are to ensure that the Child is promptly escorted to School before 9.15 a.m. and escorted back home after School is over. Please do not punish your child by keeping him/her waiting indefinitely after School is over. KG and Primary Children are issued with an Identity Card. Please ensure that the Child has his/her I.D. Card affixed to the uniform.


Private Tuitions are NOT encouraged. It is both ridiculous and harmful to send K.G. and Primary Students for Private Tuitions. Students learn the wrong diction, pronunciation and the incorrect patterns of writing the alphabets in Private Tuition Classes. Once a child learns the wrong way of speaking, reading, writing etc., it is almost impossible to rectify the damage done by the Tuition Class. Private Tuitions for Mathematics are not very helpful for weak students unless the Teacher is both qualified and experienced. Individual attention cannot be given in most Private Tuition classes as they are overcrowded. A Teacher serving in our School cannot impart private tuition to a student of our School without the written permission of the Principal.

Our teachers are duty bound to coach weak students and the school conducts Special Classes for them before or after School.


Students are not permitted to ride two wheelers (Motor cycles/Scooters etc.) inside the School campus.

The School strives to mould the students into active law abiding citizens. Parents who encourage students to use two wheelers are only encouraging them to break the law with impunity and show disrespect for duly constituted authorities.

A motor cycle/scooter in the hands of an inexperienced boy or girl is a "Death Machine" that can cause injury or God forbid even death to innocent people as well as your own child.

H. DETENTION: Corporal Punishment is forbidden in our school. A parent whose Child habitually creates disciplinary problems like disturbing the other students in the Classroom, not completing assignments or not bringing his/her text books etc. to school is given a stern warning by the Principal. In case there is no positive change in the behaviour of the child, he/she is not permitted to attend school. In serious cases of indiscipline the parents will have to withdraw the child from school.

In the case of students from Stds. V to X, Detention Classes are held after School till 5:30 p.m. Specific written work is to be completed by the students during detention class. Students are given one day's prior intimation to inform their parents that they will have detention the following day after school.

I. DAMAGE TO SCHOOL PROPERTY: Damage caused to the School property, movable or immovable will have to be made good by the parents. Students guilty of vandalism and wilfully damaging School property will have to leave the School.

J. LOSS OF PERSONAL BELONGINGS: While all possible care is taken to prevent the personal belongings of the student from being lost, damaged or stolen in the School premises, the School is not liable for any such loss, damage or theft that may be sustained by the student. Personal belongings include bicycles, tiffin boxes, school bags, note and text books, compass boxes, other stationery items, cash or any other valuables etc.

Girls are not permitted to wear jewellery or ornaments even if they are artificial. Students are forbidden to bring cell phones, I pods or any other electronic / wireless articles to school. Such items if found to be in the possession of the students will be confiscated and returned to the parent at the end of the Academic Year.

K. ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES: Prompt First Aid will be administered in the event of any accident or injury sustained by a child within the School premises. If necessary the child will be taken to a proper Medical Clinic or Hospital. This would also apply to cases of sudden indisposition. In all the above cases, the concerned parents will be informed immediately. The parents will be required to pay the Medical Bills for the treatment given.

While due care is taken to prevent accidents and injuries from taking place the school is not responsible for the same unless an inquiry conducted by the Principal finds that the cause of the accident / injury is due to negligence or disregard of safety norms by any employee of the school.

L. TIFFIN BOX: Parents are requested to provide the children with simple nutritious home made food. Do not encourage your child to eat fast food. Little children do not like to eat the same food every day, try to introduce a variety of food items over the week.

M. BIRTHDAYS: Sweets and presents are not to be distributed by the parents in the School for the Child's birthday. The School will provide sweets, a Greeting Card and a Birthday Gift to every Child on his/her birthday or in case of a birthday falling on a holiday, immediately before or after it.