i) The School Managing Committee awards scholarships to meritorious students. These Scholarships are open to students from Stds. V and above. Applications for the same are to be given to the School Office before the end of June for the New Academic Year.

ii) Freeships to deserving students are also awarded by a Special Committee of Parents and Teachers from the Funds of the Parent- Teacher Association. Applications for the same are to be made before the end of June for the New Academic Year.


i) The School Uniform identifies the student with the School and creates the "We Feeling" of Pride, Unity and the Sense of belonging to Bal Vikas Mandir.

ii) The standard School Uniform for the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary School can be obtained from any of the well known cloth/garment stores in Baramati. Please observe the photographs of the students displaying the School Uniform along with details regarding the quality, colour and shade of the cloth, from the Notice Board.

Please do not purchase cheap or inferior cloth, as it only makes the student feel humiliated by his shoddy uniform.

iii) Parents are required to purchase at least three complete sets of uniforms for each student. Barring unavoidable circumstances, students are not allowed to attend school if they are not wearing the complete uniform. A letter from the parent requesting the Principal to excuse the student for not wearing the School Uniform for specific reasons is essential in such a case.

iv) Black leather shoes, Oxford type pattern are to be worn by the boys from Stds. I to X and for the girls, black leather, Belle type, ankle bar shoes. Blue canvas shoes are to be worn by the Pre-Primary Children, with Navy Blue Socks. Grey socks are to be worn by the boys and girls of Stds. I to X.


A list of Text Books for each standard will be displayed on the School Notice Board. Text Books for the I.C.S.E. Classes will be supplied by the School and sold to the students at a "No Profit, No Loss" basis.


At the unanimous request of the Class Representatives of the Parent-Teacher Association, the School has agreed to continue to supply Note Books to all the students at a "No Profit No Loss" basis. Please do not purchase Note Books from anywhere else.

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